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Client: Better Homes

Project: Better Living, multichannel customer magazine

Brief: Better Homes is the largest and longest established real estate agency in the UAE. Their customer magazine was launched in-house in 2005 and contained only property listings. In 2007 we were tasked with developing the editorial content of the magazine, to move beyond only listings and into areas relevant to the home.

Solution: Across a decade we developed Better Homes magazine into one of the region’s leading home interiors titles, publishing separate Dubai and Abu Dhabi editions. In 2018, to reflect the UAE’s maturing property market and the growing number of homeowners, we changed the name of the magazine to Better Living, gave it a fresh, contemporary design overhaul, and widened the editorial focus to provide tips and expert advice for people to make the most of their homes, inside and out.  A 

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Better Living Online

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