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Client: dnata Travel

Project: DXB City Expert, multichannel customer magazine  

Brief: As the largest travel company in the Middle East, dnata Travel welcomes over 3 million visitors to Dubai each year. The company also operates many visitor services in the city, ranging from City Sightseeing buses to Arabian Adventures, and they were keen to enhance their customer experience by giving them all the insider information necessary for them to make the most of their time in Dubai.

Solution: DXB City Expert is produced by a team of Dubai-based in-the-know writers, who have knowledge of everything a visitor should experience to fully enjoy the city, from the must-visit restaurants through to the secret stores outside of the city’s main malls. The magazine is published monthly, and as well as in-destination distribution it is distributed digitally to anyone who has booked their trip to Dubai with dnata Travel or its global partners.  

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DXB City Expert Online

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