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Client: Home Centre

Project: Eight-page Festive catalogue and campaign lines  

Brief: To raise awareness of Home Centre’s 2019 festive homeware collection and entice customers to buy by taking the audience on an emotional journey of those special Christmas moments shared by friends and families. The goal was to highlight key product nominations in an aspirational way while driving the affordability message. The scope of work included: writing campaign lines, storyboarding and directing an editorial shoot, set build, and designing, writing and editing the final catalogue to suit distribution in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain.

Solution: Under our campaign line “Bring the Magic Home”, we carried out a bespoke lifestyle photoshoot with models showcasing how the Home Centre festive collection can be combined with furniture and accessories to create a series of aspirational home interior looks for an affordable price. We built and styled bespoke sets and used models to add a human element, with editorialised tips and ideas for having a memorable, magical Christmas at home.
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